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Cheshire united kingdom map. Lightning mcqueen full movie online. Cv calculation for steam control valve. Chal kapat song. Napa asphalt survey. Coming in at just under the minute mark, 'Tarot One' clearly sets the tone. Vanhamel and Gallagher's elusive voices ebb and flow, accompanied by bass, organ and sparse electronics. Official stream from Gong Ear. Distributed by Kudos Records. As of now. You can find us here. Activity monitor is on. Follow us on Instagram.

There might be something around the corner Spring news! We just updated some items in the Greedbag store. The picture disc edition is sold out. Skinny Fit tees are also sold out, but we do have cd editions of most our releases left. More news coming very soon Included in every order. Perhaps, the status quo will be the foreseeable future… just humming along. Putin finally got pissed off and he hit below the belt. If this becomes a trend, US globalism will be in few years on its knees, and revolution in US will follow. The guillotines will be dedusted. I could not agree with you more.

I had little connections to Jewish people except at work since I am a retired American Scientist. That was abundantly clear. However, when I lived in Miami and attended several bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs I was exposed to the unadulterated greed, selfishness and egomania that is the hall mark of Judaism today. The funniest thing was when the former college roommate of the father whose son was having his bar mitavah was so embarrassed by the over the top party as well as the words of the Rabbi during the religious ceremony he and his wife left during the middle of the 6 course dinner for people or so and before the live band with entertainer MC that performed later.

At the time I had been to several Pharmaceutical Company galas but this Bar Mitzvah put them to shame. I had to rent a tux to go. But the comments by the Rabbi were the most telling. Greed was good and all the rest. Just do it for Israel and its ok. Its really is a conflict with the better parts of human nature and and the current sociopathic teachings of the Cult.

As the root cause behind the current wars raging in the Middle East, Zionism actually Political Zionism is hardly an archaic term. Or maybe political Zionist hi-jacked Zionism. Not one mention of the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine and its indigenous population , by the Zionist Land Thieves including no mention by the commenters — who fail to see the forest for the trees. All discussion of Jews, or Judaism, without including a historical foundation in their major DEEDS crimes by any other name , is I fail for words — ahistorical.

The Zionist crime against Palestine is the foundation for all evil , all crimes being committed on our planet, which includes the subjugation of our once proud Nation, USA, and its Citizenry. When it comes to the American patriots on the Alt Right — the primary source of populist political dissent from the status quo — all of the loudest media vices and almost all of the biggest names are either Jewish or staunchly pro-Zionist.

And that means that even the dissident anti-establishment voices in the Alternative Media are just another form of Jewish Controlled Opposition. All efforts at liberation from the stupifying concentration of Jewish power among the ruling elites of the Anglo-Zionist empire are lost without this knowledge and understanding of how this duplicitous Judeo-centric tribal politics at the heart of American imperialism manifests as the Jewish Controlled Opposition defining the limits of our resistance and the possible boundaries of our dissent to the dominant mainstream media narrative.

Compared to what? If one looks at, say, IQs of true Germans , Scandinavians, etc. Even compare national IQs, Israel is not that high. True, as far as it goes. Fortunately, there are Catholic organizations that subscribe to pre-Vatican II principles, one being the Society of St. A lot of people want this, but ordinary humans beings also have to live in societies — and quite sophisticated ones at that.

Elected representatives or leadership need responsibility and integrity for it to work. Government responsibility and integrity are not guaranteed notably in places like Africa and S. Asia , but the United States is probably the leading example of a government failure in an advanced society. In the US, like much of the 3rd world, special interests minority ethnic and commercial loot the public through a corrupt bargain with the holders of political power.

The 3rd world antidotes are Nationalism and Populism, but having gained power, political leaders usually sell out sounds familiar. Germany and Japan for example, have held onto their industrial leadership in recent decades and the US could have done the same. At one time the US was the world leader in US based automobile production Detroit , steel, aluminium, camera and film, industrial chemicals, communications equipment, computers and electronics, aircraft and aerospace still partly etc.

The Chinese seem to be doing it right. Also when they find corrupt government officials even at high levels they quickly put them on trial and shoot them. A plan for peace in the Middle East? Look at a map of the ancient Kingdoms of Israel and Judah. If modern Jews Judeans who are not actual descendants of Abraham are entitled to a country of their own then it should be no larger than ancient Judah. And it should be called Judea, not Israel. All dual-Israeli citizens need to expatriated from the U.

Atzmon thibks patriotism and identitarianism are Jewish. He also mentions the old left, which everyone else thinks was substantially Jewish. Jewish privately owned media is weakening by separating the political powers of the masses which is rapidly dividing America and factionating ot CREP wise. Exploitation by differentiation reduces the power of the masses into a polarized set weakeded infighting units.

Instead of crowd power infighting. Separately incited by the propaganda the groups will take on each other, and the Jewish interest will coopt those skirmishes into a civil war of non Jewish Americans against the Jewish owned and operated USA. The Insigators will line their pockets and strengthen their positions.

Polarized Jewish divide and conquer teams, tearing America apart [ Republican Israeli Reds vs Demo blues ] are powered by privately owned Jewish propaganda machines. To stop the dissension all that is needed is to make media say the truth and to hear all voices at all times on all things. Shutting down the media, selecting who can say or read what is the engine driving the masses to war.

If war break out I will call it the search engine war. A revolution will happen at the polls not at the point of a gun. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, All problems of free marked economy You call capitalistic can be solved very easily.

All it needs a honest for the people government. Tiberius Roman Caesar was solving the problem peculiar ways. He declared wealthy Romans traitors one after another and kept executing them. Than he confiscated their properties. He filled up the empire coffers to the rim in short time. Caligula did spent all the money on tourism. The affair was quite extremist. We do not have to do it such a drastic way. All we have to do is to increase the levy and make them to become progressive taxes on inheritance. And government will have enough money for roads and social programs.

This not only will bring justice to the system, it also will increase speed of the growing of the economy. Double benefit to the nations. And it will be bloodless. A couple samples of pedestalizing Jews follow:. And who cares if the Jews killed one of their own Rabbis? Why does Jew-on-Jew violence concern you so much you must stake your life on one side or the other of a Jewish imbroglio? Pilate is the only noble fellow in the whole Jew Testament, washing his hands of a vapid Rabbinical spat.

Do thou likewise. I have long admired your noble efforts on behalf of the Palestinian people. And I suppose there are perhaps a fraction of a percentage point of people who actually want Trump to throw out or murder all non-whites to create the kind of racial purity Bibi and his crew of psychopaths are demanding for Israel. For the record, we voted for Trump to end the demonic reign of terror and mass murder in the Middle East.

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We voted for Trump as a repudiation of those evils, that had long stained our national soul, and indeed had made America the kind of place Bibi was pleased with. We did not vote for Trump to murder and steal, or otherwise do anyone harm. We voted for Trump to do the opposite, and end the Eternal Wars for Israel. No one on the Alt-right likes the wars. We simply want to be left alone, to pursue our humble lives unmolested by globalists and their nefarious designs for us.

Is that so terrible? Or forced to assimilate to an Hispanic or Muslim culture and way of life. Is that so egregious? To want to persevere as an American in an American culture, with hostility to none, and trade with and good relations with all and any who respond in good faith? Why is it that all white people, from Europe to N. America and everywhere else, are all expected to invite every non-white, non-Western, often hostile armies of especially military age young men into our lands, and then treat them better than the indigenous, white second class citizens?

No one wants recognized borders more than the Palestinians. It is Israel that refused to state its border, because it want to steal more land. American nationalists despise Bolton and McCain and all the rest of the Zionist, globalist scum. Have you ever heard of Kosovo, Mr.

There are neighborhoods in Michigan that were Polish Catholic for generations. And they liked it that way. They never hated Muslims or anyone else. And demands for Sharia and other clashes with their former way of life.

Are they simply too racist and hateful, and need to learn to assimilate? Indeed, often hate it Stop demanding that we doom our children to living in a nation that puts them last in every way, behind every single non-white immigrate that can get to these shores. It is insane to want to have people come to your nation who will be a burden, who often hate you and yours, not to mention your culture, and want to displace you.

Croatian Olympic Committee

It is insane to insist that millions of people come in and compete with your children on an un-level playing field. Every non-White immigrant that comes here gets Affirmative Action promotions and jobs and university preference over the white children who were born here. Unless you hate white people, that state of affairs is insane. And yet here we are being badgered as thieving, psychotic murderous goons Zionists simply for wanting what every single sane person on the planet wants: to preserve our way of life and hand it down to our progeny — for them to have a decent life and hope for theirs in turn.

And yet somehow, if we have white skin, wanting this is the most evil and wicked and racist thing imaginable! How can that be? I really welcome the arrival of one more upstanding Jewish writer at the Unz Review, following Mercer, Gottfried, Philip Weiss, Shamir excuse me if I left any out the list. And maybe a Palestinian writer too. Unless you watch congress you only know half of what they and congress do behind the back of the public.

They want this taught in every school in America and taxpayers will pay for it. To authorize the Secretary of Education to award grants to eligible entities to carry out educational programs about the Holocaust, and for other purposes. Carolyn B. Maloney of New York for herself, Mr. Donovan, Mr.

Grammy Kazananlar -

Roskam, Mr. Engel, Ms. Granger, Mrs. Lowey, Ms. Ros-Lehtinen, Mr. Deutch, and Mr. II Antisemitism, racism, and the abridgement of human and civil rights. Program authorized. To the extent provided in advance in appropriations Acts, amounts deposited into the Holocaust Education Assistance Program Fund shall remain available until expended to the Secretary to carry out the purposes of this Act in accordance with subsection d.

White nationalists are a mixed bunch, going from the very bad as Atzmon sees them to, maybe, the peaks of sainthood you attribute to them. The whole idea of legit owners of land is a rationalization: everybody meaning: every group took from someone else the land where they are, and did so by combat and might.

These are wishes and words about said wishes, though. Do you own a swath of land in the countryside, by chance? I do, and over the years all of the three of my neighbours have applied pressure to broaden their owned land so as to include a bit more than mine. I think this is BS. Cannot take something out of a book and call it Islamic! The prophet Mohammed totally disparaged lying and the liar! Your obsession with Jews is becoming totally ridiculous. You sound like broken gramophone record. You make me sick. Limiting the power of the Jews will not solve the problem.

Not even exporting the all Jews, or killing all Jews will solve the problem of free market society, The Jewish crooks will be only replaced by Goym crooks. And by the way there still more Goym crooks than Jewish crooks. What will be the difference? Everything in universe is circular than rotation of wealth must be circular also. Rotation of wealth can be achieved only by taxation of inheritance. Schismatics and satanic posers is what i call them tbh.

This is factually incorrect. It seems pretty clear that indeed there is some ongoing conflict between Jewish-left identity nuts and Jewish-right Zionists. However, why exactly is this conflict so vicious right now? Why all this intense hostility of the Jewish left-dominated media to Trump, who is closely aligned with the Jewish right?

Something more than the domination of congress and courts of law, or the immigration of some more Mexicans, must be at stake between those two warring Jewish factions. They keep it under the bed sheets, though; neither side is levelling with the public. We need an awakening. Everyone needs to get their pitchforks and overturn the slave system. Ah, the No True Christian Fallacy. Funny thing is, nobody is a Christian, if Christians are to be believed, as Christians have written out of Christianity every other Christian out there.

On and on it goes. So nobody is. Schismatic himself? Almost invariably, it turns out not to refer to Muslim or Christian inhabitants of Israel, but solely to the Jewish ones. One should say what one means. Nor is he a Christian. This literally goes without saying. Israeli Jews do.

Around the catholic church stated that the pope was infallible. Historians know that when statements like this are made something that was evident is not evident any more. Wonder if anyone now sees the pope as infallible. That holocaust education is introduced, does it mean that it is not self evident any more that there was a holocaust? When, for example, one is concealing a Muslim from an oppressor who asks where he is,it is obligatory to lie about his being hidden.

Thus is the context in which your quote should be understood.

APK Downloader Online

There is no carte blanche permissibility for lying in Islam, and Reliance itself makes that explicitly clear. I respectfully disagree with your assertion that Christians are to revere and place jews on a pedestal. It is equally indisputable that Matthew dates the birth of Jesus to 6 B. A New York Jew can easily metamorphosize from a hard-core Identarian into rabid Zionist settler and vice versa, but such a maneuver is not available to ordinary Americans. This article is brilliant — these definitions — of Jew patriot and Jew identarian — give us a handle on how to better see and understand the tribal Jew.

Vjernost kartica i terminala u jednom - ovo je novi dmApp!

Both the landed Jew patriot and the landless Jew identarian are politically sociopathic. There is something wrong. Clearly, which path they take is dependent on the circumstances of the time. Facts are irrelevant. The tribal Jew attitude towards everyone else is pathological. To the Jew everything is political, and everything has the gravity of life and death. Jew tribal existence is always on the line. Is it nature or nurture that is behind this Jewish abnormality?

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Are genetics responsible or is culture responsible? The answer is probably both. For sure it is nurture. By the age of five Jews are inculcated with an abnormal fear of humanity that dominates their life — few can escape it. Of course there is more to this — Jews are also taught that together, they can successfully manipulate other peoples cultures to their benefit.

This eventually boomerangs on them and their worst fears are realized. Anonymous[]—By supporting the Islamization of the West, Christianity is also guilty of betrayal. To give Islam and Judaism their due, it is unthinkable that they would betray their faithful. The last of the real Americans. Religious insight had whilst reading this comments section: The true meaning of The Devil Tarot card is that Baphomet represents the Jewish tribe and the two wretches chained before him represent the host populations that Baphomet rules by divide and conquer. The first includes any non-muslim polity at peace with muslims while the latter includes a polity with which muslims have arranged terms of mutual accord.

They may refer to one and the same polity. America proper would certainly be included in these definitions, since it accords religious liberty to all living within its jurisdiction. As a born and raised American who has studied and practiced Islam in his homeland for nearly three decades, your assertions, as well as those of Jochen Katz, come off as laughable. Doubly farcical is the fact that you place so much trust in Jewish scribes responsible for spinning a tale so obviously cobbled from myriad pagan mythologies predating Paulinanity. Good luck.

However, I do feel that white Americans have a right and an obligation to maintain the demographic majorities that prevent white children from being any more persecuted than they already are, Affirmative Action, endemic demonization by the media and academia , — slated for demographic minority status with all that would mean, etc…. But this is the thing.. That was what all people aspired to be, and rightly so.

But times change, and the world grew very small. The people of the planet were alarmed at the horrors a modern war could and would unleash. We now have nuclear weapons that can wipe out all life on planet earth, so that changes the paradigm. Then the Zionists terror-slaughtered the Palestinians and stole their lands, and houses and business, etc..

It turns out it was all bullshit. So what we get is a kind of hodge-podge of laws for the rest of us, while the Zionists and their myriad lackeys like the ZUS and England, France and other whores are allowed to go around the glob bombing and slaughtering and torturing at will. Which is also why Europe and N. America, Western civilization in general are all committing ethnic suicide. But rather it was won to impose a Zionist, Jewish supremacist vision on the planet. I doubt your neighbors have attacked you, burned your land, cut off or poisoned your water and then confiscated your house and land…..

What Israel is doing will lead to their destruction. Sooner or later, nothing good will come out of it. We should all learn to get along as best we can, as hard as it may be, it is what it is. There are blacks out there that essentially want the same as the alt right, Farrakhan NOI. Maybe the Alt right should try to find common ground with them. Maybe one day in the future some kind of peaceful separation could occur.

Without having to kill each other in mass. As it is right now, all of this just makes life and work harder for everyone. I know many people who have quit jobs because of the racial tension that is caused by this type of crap. But that is exactly why they do it. Create the divide, stir up hate. Notice who the media is never critical of though, you never hear about these same things they criticize Spencer or Farrakhan for when they happen daily in Israel. The media is probably the biggest problem, the corruption, blackmail, campaign financing, lobbies are not good either.

Nothing will ever change until these things are addressed. Trump and his Israeli masters should be pretty ashamed for the caravan stunt. In practice, government today, has become merely a puppet manipulated by the corporations and uber rich. This is not normal. The Jews cannot afford for the so called holocaust to recede, it would cut off the money spigot. Already the younger generation knows nothing about it and cares nothing about it …. Can you blame the Muslims or anyone else for fighting back?

Furthermore, the concept of dar ul-harb refers exclusively to polities in direct martial conflict with a de facto muslim polity. It was you who strayed off-topic by unnecessarily interjecting falsehoods about Islam in this thread. The global Left was every bit as Jewish then as it is now, and their goals were essentially the same. The major difference being that Jews have given up on the white middle and lower-classes completely, since they choose fascism over Bolshevism in Europe.

We will have to have nations and accept race differences. This is reality. Why do you bother? The vermin make me sick. Politically for years they existed no longer. So I must conclude, that what people as Soros and the Koch brothers want succeeds, for the time being, maybe forever, at the cost of detroying the European cultures, the cultures that brought progress and prosperity from the steam engine to the fission reactor.

But Atzmon who never claimed otherwise was the first to bring it to more prominent attention — in CounterPunch, I believe, before that site went downhill. And it was him who pointed out every aspect of the high priests, cathedrals museums etc. You ignore that a difference was created yrs ago when Protestants began. Christ was the first recorded ass kicker of Jew banksters and usury systems when He got pissed and Booted the Money Changers Out of the Temple…Which again at a later date, was done Via Popes and the Church.

Various countries Kings also played a role, once the church and popes advised them to comply with actions and laws or kingly decrees, that not only banned usury and Jew banksters. But also banned Jews from many political positions, as well as, ability to sit on the stand and testify in any gentile courts. Due to Talmudic teachings and belief in it, Jews were well known as practitioners of Lying, Swindling, Scams galore.. And of course that they are Talmud taught how its okay, no sin, no crime, whenever a Jew does those things and even commits murder as long as its done to a Goyim aka Gentiles.

No others have ever been so successful, nor for such extended periods of time, at halting those gentile and gentile nation wrecking practices which Jewry thrives and prospers on. As far as I know of, No era of Protestantism has ever done the same. Much and often done exact opposite, which today has morphed into a type of worship of Jews and Israel state.

We are indeed at war with the enemies of True Monotheism. We know which side you are on, and we know what is your ultimate fate. There is a difference to America founded as a Christian nation Per Se…. And a nation founded mainly, but not entirely, upon the New testament Christian Principals. And you can find tons of references to such within various writings by most of the main famous founding fathers of America. Most if not All of this phenomenon of the term Jewdeo-Christian, and any sort of a national founding based upon such an Oxymoronic claim, has originated from the apostate version of KJV bible by Cyrus Scofield.

Who was prior to author of said apostate bible version, a badly failed, Husband, Father, Prof. Gambler, Drunk, Felon, Lawyer, and Politition. It never was officialy designated by the founders as such due to a huge reason they left europe and came here etc…Was due to euro nations forcing people as to what religion they could be and pracrice.

Espeically in England at that time. It should be obvious to see. Indeed, and which is why Christ called them the children of Satan, the Synagogue of Satan, and told their Pharisee Rabbis that when they chase down someone to the ends of the earth so to make a convert of them, they end up turning that convert into Twice the Child of Hell, as they the Rabbis themselves are. That is all found in verses within the books of New Testament. Jon …. Unlike a small Few like Gilad, and Ron Unz, Bro Kapner, and a few more who speak out and seem to have shaken off the Talmudic Judaic Chains, those who remain within Judaism and Talmud represent a huge and deadly problem.

The very notion, culture, religion, ethnic ways, based on Talmudic Judaism are a direct opposite of almost all other non Jewish peoples. And in ways that most affect and cause massive troubles and problems. Are repulsive to most peoples of the world. Most peoples cultures and ways and schools etc. Such as to remain Honest, Considerate to others, Compassionate, concerned for well being, to never steal and kill, and to have Respect for others regardless their religion and ethnic make ups.

And it has gotten much worse within the past aprox. And if allowed to proceed much longer and much farther along this path of nation wrecking, it wont this time just be a single host nation wrecked. Rather this time it is going to be the entire world that is wrecked and ruined beyond all repair. So much for the Jewish notion and main agenda of Tikun Olem, sp? And right there is also a good example of a vast huge difference in thought and practice between Jews and Gentiles. Gentiles method of a repair is to usually Wait for something to break or fail, and Then repair it….

Not so with Talmudic Jewish repair of the world, their main method is to…Royally fuck it up, everything they can possible get their grubby hands on, and then claim nobody else but Jews are capable of repairing it. See almost two decades worth of such a method in Mid East regions endless Wars for Israel as prime exhibit A example. It was the biggest and hottest issue in daily msm tv news for weeks on end, and returned to tv again and again as the US Supreme court case proceeded.

When Collins and his Nazi members finally got to do their parade march, most of the towns retiree aged Jews came out to counter it and started a massive huge physical fight with the Nazis. Then when it seemed to die down in tv news and event was over…New revelations surfaced. Right there in middle of room.

Once all the final details came out under oath in court testimony, more yet was revealed. It turned out that Frank Collins himself was a…Jew! And all his Funding, the initial idea for a parade march, the targeted city of survivor Jews and even his Nazi uniforms and arm bands…Was all done by and funded by the Jewish ADL!! After these revelations of a huge Jewish scam and ADL involvment, various people began to look much deeper into many other similar incidences of Nazi marches and Neo Nazi start up groups and orgs…. Sort of like a side buisness for the ADL org you could say.

So Beware! The US Constitution is a secular document, and thank God for that. All men, and women, are bound by it. If it was religious, sharia could come along and make the same claims of protecting inalieanable rights. The King claimed divine right to rule, the Declaration of Independence counters this claim, and says that all men are created equal. The US Constitution then protects that freedom from government interference. As a whole, including the settlements that were established, it would be difficult to find an exception that there were any but Christians who settled and founded this country.

The great irony of it all, is that while Islam is the spear point being thrust into the heart of Europe and Western Civilization, it is the Ashkenazim Jew who is wielding the spear, funding both the Islam invasion of Europe, and the migrant caravans of Central and South America. While the methods of Satan, the devil, change over time, his motive does not, to destroy all that God Almighty, maker of heaven and earth and all that is in them, God and Father of the Lord, Jesus Christ, created. And he will as surely destroy those who follow him, as he would destroy all of mankind, were he able.

In the end, we will all be held accountable for what we believe.

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The US Constitution guarantees every citizen the right of speech and religion. God gave man free will, it is up to us what to do with it. I long ago parted company with Christianity, although I would still maintain that, of the three so-called Abrahamic faiths, Christianity is the least worst in terms of doctrine. He more or less invented Christian Zionism out of whole cloth.

And got away with it, as Protestantism does not, like Orthodoxy, have a Tradition that keeps wild speculation in check. I have to wonder about the allegiance of Protestant whites to Israel, no matter how much noise the leaders make. A bit more suspicion than one would expect. Perhaps an example would help. You ignore that Jesus was a Rabbi who openly despised Gentile white patriarchy. Matthew , Mark , Luke That you continue to worship such a Jew is sad. Indeed, often hate it … It is insane to want to have people come to your nation who will be a burden, who often hate you and yours, not to mention your culture , and want to displace you.

The other is the psychopathic Satanists at the banking houses , and their lackeys and stooges in the government and media and other institutions. Those banksters ever since, have been the bane not only of the American people, but of the world. Perhaps most egregiously in Palestine. Benjamin Franklin was a great American, not a psychopath. Thomas Paine was also a great man who would not be the slave of London bankster.

Sitting Bull and Geronimo were also great men and great warriors and part and parcel of the unique American experience. From the Spanish and French and Germans, like Daniel Boone, to the Anglos and great tribes of the Amerindians, they have all contributed to making America what it was and is today. To pretend as if their lives and contributions mean nothing, because of the evils our government is responsible for, is a myopic absurdity.

Henry Ford was a great man and great human. Painting the entire uniquely American experience with the broad brush of what its sinister elites are guilty of, is not only wrong and dishonest, but counter-productive as well. They go on about muslims and islam being a threat, it is these fruitloops who are the real threat to all mankind and humanity, withtheir schizo delusional prophecies.

By supporting the Islamization of the West, Christianity is also guilty of betrayal. Their holy work done, the baby has been born. To what fate, they could care less. Let the tax payers worry about all that. But modern Westerners are a dim and decadent shadow of the hardy stock that navigated the oceans to foreboding lands and conquered continents. Well, because it has been Marxist, Frankfort school-type, Jewish supremacists that have imposed all these depravities upon our culture.

The right arm tells the Jews that they are unique, the choosen people and they must not mix with the goyim. The right arm is nationalist, and is fighting to maintain together the choosen community. The left arm is fighting the goyim trying to divide them stressing all theirs issues, destroying all theirs structures and roots.

The left arm want to see the goyim killing themselve, he is triggering civil wars betweens the goyim and is inducing them to all perverse behavior. The stupid Jews on the left side are those who do not understand that what they are selling is for the goyim and not for the Jews. The year was , and most people never heard of the Holocaust. In he publishes his first book, the destruction of Atlantis. Amazingly the Jewish controlled book publishing industry finds out that Frank Joseph, was Frank Collins, but they forgive him and he becomes a successful writer.

May surprise you to know that many American Moslems also oppose unrestricted immigration of any kind! Still nonsense!